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Clever tips from our Windshield User Community

Here are some interesting and unique tips from our user community showing the different ways they are making use of our mobile platform. If you have any interesting applications or personal tips – please let us know! We’re always curious to know what our user community is doing.


Windshieldink Should Be In Your Phone Contact List … from Adam K

I entered the Windshieldink SMS number (647-360- 2666) in my phone contact list and any license plate messages sent via Windshieldink will be identified as such, rather than coming from some anonymous phone number that I don’t know.


Get Multiple Text Notifications By Using Your SMS Gateway Address … from Bill T

If you and your partner both have cell phones and each of you prefer to receive your Windshieldink messages as phone text messages, I have a great idea. For the secondary email address associated with your license plate, input an SMS gateway address if your mobile service provides it. This way you will both receive text messages.


The Mobile App Can Be Accessed On The Web … from Ken K

If you are traveling or don’t have your phone on you, you can still use the Windshieldink website to access the app, manage your vehicles, send a plate a message, chat, and review your messages. The app functionality works the same by logging into your account on the website.


Motorcycles Are Not Excluded … from Ken K

Windshieldink users can also add motorcycle license plates into their vehicle profile. For motorcycle MAKE, select from the list of 48 bike manufacturers. For MODEL select “motorcycle” but if you want to assign a specific model then input the model into the COLOR field. If your motorcycle MAKE isn’t available on the list, just input “Motorcycle” as the MAKE.


Send Your Pickup Location To Someone … from Bob M

If you’ve arranged for a friend to pick you up, but they’re having a difficult time finding you, ask them for their license plate number and send them a Windshieldink message with your GPS location tagged. When they get your email message they now have a clickable link to Google Map showing where you are. Now they know your location!


Where Did I Park My Car? … from Kesar L

When I park my car at a stadium, I send a message to my own license plate including the GPS location tagged in my message. When I want to return to my car, I just open that email and now have the clickable map showing where I parked. Pretty cool!


Don’t Tow Me .. I’ll Be Right Back … from Patricia K

When I’m briefly parking somewhere I will leave a note on my dashboard in case someone needs to get a hold of me. I carry a note such as this and keep it in my car; “I am parked here temporarily and if you need to reach me please send a message to my license plate using the Windshieldink mobile app”. This way I don’t need to leave my phone number or business card with my name on the dashboard.


Concerned When Your Elderly Parents Are Behind The Wheel? … from Margaret C

Are you concerned about your elderly parents who are still driving? My parents don’t have a cell phone, so I registered their car license plate under your my own Windshieldink account. If there are any issues with them or their vehicle, I’ll get the Windshieldink message.


Driving A Rental Car? … from Mel V

Windshieldink works for all vehicles. When I rent a car I add it to my own account profile as a second car. With my roaming data plan, I will receive messages sent to the rental car license plate. Just don’t forget to delete the rental car from your profile when you return the car.


Windshieldink Has More Than Just Push Notifications … from Sandy R

When using Windshieldink, I don’t rely solely on the push notification feature to get my messages. I might get a pop-up notification message but with the growing list of notifications on my phone, and accidentally tapping the ‘clear’ button, I may not remember which app sent the notification. Was it Facebook, What’s App, Hangouts, etc.? Make use of the Windshieldink’s email message functionality and you’ll have a backup reminder of your Windshieldink messages.


SPAM Blocker – Don’t Let It Get In The Way … from Gwen D

Don’t forget to add “[email protected]” as an allowed sender to avoid having messages moved into your junk mail.


Connect With Your Parking Valet … from Eric S

If you use valet parking, ask your valet to install the Windshieldink App. When the valet parks your car they should immediately send you a message via your license plate. This will open a chat channel between the both of you. When you are ready to leave, send a chat to the valet to retrieve your car. The valet can then reply to you once your car is delivered out front.


Wondering How Your Teenager Is Driving Your Car? … from Margaret C

Are you a concerned parent about your teenager when they are out driving your car? I keep track of what’s going on with my car by using Windshieldink. My kids know that I can be contacted if they do anything crazy.


Selling Your Car? Don’t Post Your Personal Information … from Patricia K

If you are selling your car privately and are reluctant to post your personal phone number in the back window, instead put a note telling them to message you via the license plate using the Windshieldink mobile app. For example; “For Sale – If interested please send a message to my license plate using the Windshieldink mobile app”.


Are Snow Plows Coming Down Your Street? … from William B

In the past, I was towed because I was parked on a street that the snow plow needed to clean. I wish the city would use Windshieldink to notify me that I need to move my car instead of towing it.


Visitor Parking - Overstayed Your Welcome? ... from Bo L.

Have you ever parked in spot with a maximum time limited without realizing it, and were towed in the meantime? With the Windshieldink app, any parking attendant or security guard can send you a message that your car needs to move. It only takes a few seconds and can save you a big headache. Just leave a note on your dashboard asking that, if needed, you be contacted via the Windshieldink mobile app through your license plate.


How to Find My Store ... from Jillian C

As a store owner, I ask any customers having trouble finding my location if they are registered with Windshieldink. If they have, I ask for their license plate number and send them a Windshieldink message with the GPS location tagged. Once they get the Windshieldink email, they have a clickable link to Google Maps showing where my store is located. It only takes seconds and it is much easier than giving a location description over the phone!


Is My Car Alarm Going Off? Please Let Me Know ... from Justin J

I don't always know when my car alarm is going off -- maybe it went off accidentally and is annoying the neighborhood, or maybe there is a legit reason. Either way, it would be a good idea if I knew about it. Having my plates registered with Windshieldink gives anyone the opportunity to send me a message so that I can check it out or shut it off.


Broken Down in The Middle of Nowhere ? ... from Cliff N

One of my fears while driving remote roads is breaking down in the middle of nowhere and trying to explain to the tow truck where I am. However, if the tow truck driver is registered with Windshieldink, I can ask him for his license plate number and send him a message with the GPS location tagged in Google Maps. This makes it easier for both of us and eliminates the risk of giving the wrong directions! He can also use the in-app chat to keep me updated on his whereabouts.


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