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Q: What does Windshieldink do?

Windshieldink allows for anonymous two-way messaging between owners of vehicle license plates that are registered in Windshieldink.

Q: What does it cost to join and register my license plates?

The service is free of charge and users can to register up to two (2) license plates. No further action is required once your account is operational and your license plates are registered.

Q: Where do I need to live in order to use Windshieldink?

License plates can be entered for any region (country, state, or province) as long as the plate number is unique to that region. Messages can be sent or received anywhere globally.

Q: Do I need a smartphone to use Windshieldink?

No. A smartphone is required only if you want to send or receive messages when out on the street. All of the same messaging functionality is provided on the Windshieldink website.

Q: What other services does Windshieldink offer?

Windshieldink is in discussions with various enterprises in order to offer additional incentives and enhanced services to registered users. You will have the option to opt-in or opt-out of these additional services.

Q: How do I find out about Windshieldink feature updates?

There is a monthly email newsletter that provides interesting articles as well as updates on any enhancements to our features. In your profile settings, you must confirm that you wish to receive the email newsletter. Alternatively, you can subscribe on our subscribe page. You are able to unsubscribe at any time.


Q: Do I need to have a car to register in Windshieldink?

No, you can register even if you only intend to use the messaging aspect. If you have a vehicle, it is optional whether you wish to register your license plates. Future services from Windshieldink may be of value to you as a vehicle owner regardless of the messaging aspect.

Q: What type of vehicle licence plates can I register with Windshieldink?

All legal forms of transportation can be registered in Windshieldink (cars, trucks, motorcycles). Any form of license plate lettering and numbering can be registered.

Q: What type of personal information is needed when I register?

In order to register, we only require your email address. We also ask that you create a nickname to be used in your messages and also enter your home country, city and province for use in future features.

Q: Can I register different persons or more than one contact person for my license plates?

Yes. You can assign two contact email addresses and one phone number. Messages will automatically be sent to all the contacts in your profile. However, SMS messaging will be restricted to North America only for the time being.

Q: How will the public know if my license plate is registered in Windshieldink?

When trying to send a message to you, the Windshieldink platform will verify and confirm if the vehicle is registered before the message is sent.

Q: Why do I need to save my vehicle make and model with the license plate registration?

This optional information will be used to verify with senders that they have correctly entered the license plate. For example, if they intend to send a message to license plate on a red Toyota Camry, we can confirm the car type for them before they send the message.

Receiving Messages

Q: Do I need a mobile data plan or wireless access to receive a message sent to me?

No. If you have registered a phone number in your profile, you can receive SMS text messages on your phone. However, SMS messaging will be restricted to North America at this time. Wireless data access is preferred since it allows you to receive email messages.

Q: Will the messages be monitored?

No, you will receive all messages that are sent to your license plate. Windshieldink does not monitor messages.

Q: Can I get abusive messages sent to me?

Yes, it is possible. However, abusive behavior is not tolerated and should be reported to Windshieldink immediately and we will deactivate abusive users. Please note that the sender of the message will not be able to access any of your direct contact information.

Q: How can I read messages sent to me?

You can read messages with your regular email app, as a text message, or within the Windshieldink mobile app.

Q: Will I know the location from where a message was sent to me?

Yes, but only if the sender chooses to optionally tag their GPS coordinates into their message.

Q: Can I read my received messages on both the website and mobile app?

Yes. Messages can be viewed on the mobile app and also be viewed and managed in your account dashboard on the Windshieldink website.

Q: Can I be flooded with messages?

With the free user account, each license plate is limited to receiving messages from a maximum of 5 people per hour. The business version of Windshieldink offers a higher limit.

Q: Can I respond to a message sender?

Using the chat function in the app, you can chat with the sender. Also if the sender has attached their signature (contact details) in their message, you can then contact them directly outside of Windshieldink.

Sending Messages

Q: Do I need to be registered with Windshieldink to send a message to a licence plate holder?

Yes, you must be registered with Windshieldink to send a message.

Q: Do I need a mobile data plan or wireless internet to send a message from the street?

Yes. You must be able to access the internet in order to send a message from the mobile app. You cannot send a message via phone texting. Messages can also be sent from your home computer.

Q: Will a receiver know that I sent that message?

No, all messages are sent anonymously, showing only your nickname. Neither the sender nor the receiver will know each other’s contact information. The exception would be if you optionally include (tag) your contact information into the message signature.

Q: Will I know if the message has been sent and received?

You will receive confirmation from Windshieldink that the message has been sent, but you will not know if the receiver actually reads your message.

Q: Can I send a message to a license plate from another state or country?

Yes, as long as the license plate is registered with Windshieldink and you specify the country and state for the license plate that you are sending a message to.

Q: How frequently can I send a message?

With the free user account, you are limited to sending messages to 5 unique people per hour. The enterprise version of Windshieldink permits a higher limit.


Can I download documentation for Windshieldink?

Yes, you can download documentation for Windshieldink by clicking here.

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