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Is Windshieldink right for you?

Would you like to make yourself reachable if someone needs to contact you about your vehicle?

Have you ever wanted to contact a vehicle owner while out on the street?

As a business owner, would you like it if the public could send you alerts about one of your vehicles or drivers?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then Windshieldink is for you!

Mobile and Desktop Messaging

It's like writing a note and leaving it on someone's windshield, only faster.

Windshieldink is a new system that enables email and SMS messages to be sent to you via your licence plate number. Messages can be sent and received on your phone or computer, so you can choose what method best suits your lifestyle and business needs.

Receive Messages via Email or SMS

Receive your messages in whatever method you prefer — whether it's text or email. All messages are totally anonymous and are sent through your regular service provider — so you have one less thing to worry about during your commute.

See the FAQ to answer additional questions or feel free to contact us.

You Don't Need to Own a Vehicle

Even if you are not a vehicle owner, you can still benefit from Windshieldink's features. Download our mobile app today to send messages to a license plate number.

See the FAQ to answer additional questions or feel free to contact us.

Windshieldink Corp. warns against the use of wireless devices while driving. Our messages can be sent or viewed at any time, preferably in an appropriate and safe environment.

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