The New Way to Leave a Note on a Windshield

Windshieldink is a mobile app and web platform that allows you to send messages to vehicles on the street.


How it works:


See a vehicle on the street


Enter the license plate number


Send a message using Windshieldink

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Registered users will see the message.

A web page

Multiplatform, multipurpose

Send and receive messages on the free mobile app or using our desktop site.

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A web page
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Notifications that best suit you

Receive your messages via email, SMS, or push notifications.

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More Reasons to Love Windshieldink

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It's Free!

You never have to pay to send or receive messages using this platform.

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Completely Anonymous

Send and receive your messages and link yourself to your vehicle anonymously.

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Don't Get Towed

Allows you to be easily contacted so you’re less likely to get towed.

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Simple to Use

Contacting a vehicle owner is no longer complicated. See the license plate number, send a message.

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Lend A Helping Hand

Contact a car owner if you see damage, theft, or a pet left in a hot car.

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A Global Experience

Become part of a global community.

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Keep Loved Ones Safe

Become a secondary contact for elderly or teenage drivers.

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Sell Your Car

No need to display your phone number—your license plate provides all the contact information necessary.

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Instant Notifications

The app updates in real time so you can be contacted instantly if your vehicle alarm is going off or needs your attention.

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New Features

New services and features will always be added to continuously enhance the user experience.

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Windshieldink Corp. warns against the use of wireless devices while driving. Our messages can be sent or viewed at any time, preferably in an appropriate and safe environment.

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